The company’s geographic profile as well as the identity of its clients (travelers, hikers, athletes, adventurers, military forces, people in “extreme situation”) make Falières Nutrition particularly appreciative of the fundamental questions about the environment.
The company supports nongovernmental actions especially through logo-eoca-petit

The company is certified organic farming  logo-ab

Environmentally speaking:
–   Cardboard boxes used for parcel are composed of 100% recycled paper.
–   Wooden shipping pallets are exclusively reusable.
–   Packaging waste from production are sent to a local recycling plant.
–   Organic waste are composted.

From 2008 to 2011, 400 m² of solar panels have been installed on the roofs. To this day, the company’s energy needs are mainly insured by solar power, saving nearly 4,4 tons of CO2/year.
Offices are heated using only geothermal energy.