Freeze-drying has been naturally used by indigenous peoples of the Andean area for centuries.

In fact, in high altitude, tubers are dried by sublimation of the frozen water by the freezing nights in low atmospheric pressure.

La lyophilisation chez Falières NutritionThe lyophilization is the best conservation system for food. Water is extracted from food by a vacuum freezing process. The ice is sublimated without passing through the intermediate liquid phase.

  • The dehydrated food is then shielded from any kind of bacterial growth.
  • The weight reduction can go up from 80 to 90% for the vegetables and from 60 to 80% for meats or fishes.
  • The lyophilization preserves organoleptic and dietary qualities of the food, as well as its texture.

Falières Nutrition apporte son expertise pour toute demande de lyophilisation réalisée à façon, selon un cahier des charges défini avec le client.