nomadic meal pack 07.2014

Food rations and meal kits are suitable solutions to away-from-home eating and to survival situations, approved by customers and emergency services.

Falières Nutrition provides customers with:

  • A wide range of technical products (freeze-dried cooked meals, self-heating meals with an exclusive system) associated with a selection of quality components and long-term conservation at room temperature: breakfasts, full meals, emergency rations.
  • A minimal buffer permanent stock for the administrations.
  • Individual specification for each customers detailing the planning for the orders, the scheduled for production, the deliveries and the management of shelf-life.

A mechanized production line assembles the meal packs.

A warehouse of 1000 m² (10764 ft²) is dedicated to storage.

Zone de stockage Falières Nutrition

Falières  Nutrition offers a wide range of quality products, energizing and practical, suitable for away-from-home eating.