For over 20 years, Falières Nutrition – VOYAGER manufactures and packages food products to feed human in a “nomadic” situation.

Société Falières Nutrition

The company:

  • Cooks, dry-freezes and packages cooked meals for athletes, adventurers, military forces, on expedition in the middle of the desert, on the oceans or atop mountains.
  • Assembles meal kits for emergency interventions and social assistance (Red Cross, “Restos du cœur”, Doctors of the World association, NGOs…).
  • Manufactures and packages meals and food rations for emergency interventions in extreme environment (army, firemen, building sites…)
  • Assembles meals packs to assist travelers in disturbed situations (airport, highway…).

Quality is a priority. In its agri-food laboratory, quality is assured by an optimal selection of raw materials and rigorous controls at all stages of production.

OrchidéeFalières Nutrition is committed to:

  • Research and development: the company is always searching for innovation both in products references and in manufacturing process and packaging.
  • Delivery terms: orders can be delivered within 3 days, even 48h in France depending commitments made.
  • Environment: the company is nested in a haven of greenery, in the middle of the forests of the Landes of Gascogne, a protected area where rare wild orchid species flower and the last European mink reside.