The wide range of freeze-dried meals Voyager includes about fifty recipes, salty or sweet, to satisfy the taste and needs of each.

Voyager meals guarantee:

  • A balanced diet, energizing and varied.
  • Light weight and low bulk for transport and storage.
  • Ease and speed of preparation.
  • Comfort and safety of a controlled vacuum sealed packaging in a high resistance compartmentalized bags resistant to manipulations and ensuring a longer shelf-life for the cooked meals.

Freeze-dried Voyager are traveling companions for athletes and renowned adventurers such as Yves Parlier or Anne Cazeneuve while racing sailboats, Nicolas Vanier during his expedition in 2013, Yvan Bourgnon for his challenge of sailing around the world in a sport catamaran, or raids through the desert (Marathon des Sables) or mountains treks.

Freeze-dried Voyager provides savory and energetic meals to all athletes, hikers, sailors, for a meal break, a weekend or a longer expedition.

Mise en œuvre du produitRehydration is obtained by simmering water (between 200 ml for a bag of 80 g to 360 ml for 160 g) and transforms a bag of 80 g into a complete meal of 280 to 440 g. The bag doubles as a bowl.

The freeze-drying technique and variety of available meals ensure a balanced diet and preservation of the nutritional value for the organism in physical efforts.

salmon creamy pasta

Practical side: open the bag and unfold the bellows to keep upright. Add simmering water (or cold, depending on the recipe). Stir with a fork during rehydration and don’t forget the bottom of the bag. The amount of water may slightly vary depending the desired consistency. Close the bag and wait 3 to 4 minutes before savoring it in the bag.