Falières Nutrition was born from the passion of its creators for the great outdoors and their free and fragile aspects.

Eating in total freedom has become the company’s field of expertise. The company is situated in the regional park of the Landes of Gascogne, a vast woody area, preserved and hardly industrialized. It is served by the road (N524) and the highway (A65).

In 2014, Falières Nutrition pursues its development on a new production site, in Captieux. New local and functional premises will host the company’s activities.


Falières Nutrition specializes in away-from-home eating and develops:

  • The freeze-drying technology to manufacture long-term conservation food for the athletes, rescuers, explorers and hikers and for the preservation of delicate food.

The VOTAGER products are cooked meals, salted or sweet, elaborated and freeze-dried by the company and packaged in a controlled atmosphere in specific compartmentalized bags ensuring the long-term conservation.

  • The assembly of specific meal packs coffret_repas_assistance_ddp_falierescontaining freeze-dried food, exclusive products and quality components selected for away-from-home eating for personal customers and professional emergency workers: firemen, lifeguards, mountain rescuers, civil protection, etc…

For 20 years, Falières Nutrition proclaims its know-how in the making of complete “nomadic” meal kits which can be preserved at room temperature, varied and balanced, “cold” of “self-heating”.

The daily production capacity range from 3 000 to 15 000 freeze-dried meals and 6 500 meal kits. In 2012, almost one million of packs have been delivered. A stock of 50 000 references is available for emergencies.

In accordance with the European standards since 1986, the company applies the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method and ensures the traceability of all of its products.

Solidarity and sustainable action

Falières Nutrition supports some non-governmental organizations particularly through EOCA European Outdoor Conservation Association and the humanist commitments of the UN Global Compact. The company is a partner with humanitarian associations like the “Restos du Coeur”, the Red Cross or the Food Bank.

On the environmental front, cardboard boxes used for parcel are composed of 100% recycled paper, wooden shipping pallets are exclusively reusable ones, packaging waste from production are sent to a local recycling plant and organic waste are composted.

From 2008 to 2011, 400 m² of solar panels have been installed on the roofs. To this day, the company’s energy needs are mainly insured by solar power, saving nearly 4,4 tons of CO2/year. Offices are heated using only geothermal energy.

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